Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A little bit about myself!

Hi! I'm Kaitou...Kaitou Wolfe...I'm a Furry.

I was a furry before i even knew i was...i never knew what a furry was until i started hearing about them. Now i see it almost everyday. It's weird...if i never hear a word or know something that has been out for a while...The moment i hear it i see it everywhere! Here is some things you might want to know about me.

Name: Kaitou Wolfe

Gender: Male

Favorite Animal: Wolf

Other Things I Like: Role Playing, Video Games, Wolves (again), Being Shy (xD), and my dog Skye...he's a pomsky

I have brown/black hair...i don't know how to explain the style xD
I have two different colored eyes...brown and blue...so...i bought some contacts (well 1) so both eyes look blue! Also i like the color blue, black, grey, brown, and white.

I have my own animation sereis on youtube! Well...it's a picture sereis...only pictures and little animation. To much SCHOOL!

This is my first blog post so...YAY!

So...yeah...i might post everyday and...yeah...that's it i am out of things to say.

OH also my parents don't know i am a furry...im afraid of what they will think...they don't even know i like wolves...which is weird cause my last name is Wolfe.

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