Thursday, June 16, 2016

Been So Bored!

I am so bored. I don't know what to do...i watched a movie, wrote parts on my book, went to the park, ate dinner, and played an online game but i still feel bored. It's been a while...i have not blogged in a week i thnk. Anyways this month is going by fast ITS ALMOST WINTER AGAIN and i cant wait for winter :P

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cancel my book?!?!

Hi everyone! A few days ago...i cancelled a book sereis i was making :( it was called FallenSnow a wolf book sereis...i was on book 3 chapter 7 or something and i just hated the way it turned out. Everything that was going to happen changed. Some people were upset because there were going to be about 7 books. But i made a new book that will have 7 books. It's called Seven Survivors. It's about 7 wolves who had died but were granted a second life and came back to life. Anyways im going to work on it if you want :)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Forgot To Post!

Hey everyone! I forgot to post alst night...and the other night...and the night when i watched that movie. Btw the movie was great! I watched a movie called Zootopia. It was really good.

Also my dad had been trying to get me to mow the lawn. But no i won't because its REALLY hot outside and i like wearing long sleeve clothes and pants. I really like the rain...or winter...and i like exploring the woods because...ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! But i mostly like playing on my laptop with some comfy clothes on.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Movie Night!

I took a break and stopped worrying about what i should do. I still don't know who to choose yet...I decided that i should go and see a movie tonight...its 10:00 and there is a few more movies that i could see before they close. I don't know whats even out. I might even go buy a movie and come home and watch it. I dunno...anyways i wanted to post tonight before i leave. I will post one more time tonight before i go to bed.

Already June!

I can't believe that its ALREADY JUNE! I stayed up till 3AM last night. I checked the time and it said 9/1/2016! It can't be June already! 6 more months...and it will be 2017! WOW! I watched a movie still thinking if i should go to Sarah's or my cousins...

What Should I Do?

I am having trouble deciding on what to do...i have to choose to go to my cousins house and swim...or go to my friends house to the lake. I hardly get to see them both! But my friend Sarah is really nice...but my cousins are really fun...and i never get to see them. We were going to go camping on Sunday but my uncle got sick and had to go to the hospital so that got cancelled. I wonder if i could go another time to the water park with them. They don't enjoy the things i like and my friend sarah...she likes role play. I have no IDEA what to do!!!!!